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Mr. Answer FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. Frequently asked questions about Infopen advertisement pens

1.1. Is there a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for Mr. Answer Infopen is 500 pieces of advertisement pens.
At our online shop the maximum quantity is 5.000 pieces, but should you need a larger quantity you can reach us through our contact page

1.2. How long does the delivery take?

From the print release, our delivery time is only 20 calendar days.
We can also deliver on a fixed date, please inform us accordingly. On request, we also offer an express delivery.

1.3. What is included in my order?

An order of our advertising pens automatically includes the pre-printing costs and the 4-C printing on both banner pages. In addition, each pen is individually packed in a polybag and you have the choice between black (TÜV certified) or blue ink color. The delivery within Germany is free of charge. For international shipping please refer to our shipping page.

1.4. Is there a sample service?

Yes. On request we will send business customers free samples, so you can get an idea of how our different models look like.

1.5. What are the advantages of the promotional pen?

Our Infopens combine an enormous advertising effect with high benefits for everyday life. Everyone needs pens to take notes or something similar. At the end your customers always be reminded by your company because they’ll use the pen every day. On the banner you can present calendars, price lists, services, event calendars, menus and much more. The possibilities are endless.

1.6. Which models and variants are there?


PETRA: A classic model with a round clip.
JAMES: Also a classic model, but with a square clip.
MARY: With rubber grip and square clip.
OLLI: With rubber grip and round clip.
OLE: With round clip, rubber grip and touch pen tip.
ANNA: High quality pen with a range of metal applications and metal clip.
LEON: Extended model with metal plunger and metal clip.
MAX: 3-in-1 promotional pen with touch pen tip and headphone jack protection.


Full tone: A complete coloration of the material, not transparent.
Transparent: Completely transparent, no coloring (handle and clip are partly colored).
: Not completely transparent, as it has a hint of color.
Frosted: Slightly transparent. A little bit like the effect of looking through a layer of ice.
Silver: Ballpoint pen in silver.


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Silver

1.7. Are color combinations possible?

Yes, color combinations are possible. If the grip, end piece and barrel should have different colors, this is possible and free of charge.
However, if you want to have part of your order in different colors - for example 2.000 pcs in red and 1.500 pcs in blue – it will cost 60.00 € and plus VAT for a minimum order quantity of 1.000 pieces per additional color.

1.8. Is it possible to have a pantone color?

Yes, from an order quantity of 10.000 pieces, the coloring in any pantone color is free of charge. From an order quantity of 5.000 pieces, a pantone color is also possible, but it will cost 60.00 € plus VAT.

1.9. Can any ballpoint pen be ordered with a frosted or silver application?

Yes, this is possible without any problems from an order quantity of 1,000 pcs.
For frosted pens come 0.04€/piece and for silver 0.05€/piece.

Note that the charge for silver is already eliminated for basic silver colors.

1.10. Which ink colors are there?

We offer a standard TÜV-certified black ink. In addition, we also have blue ink available.

1.11. What is the measurement of the printing area?

A total of up to three printing surfaces are available for our promotional pens, depending on whether a clip or barrel printing is possible or not.
For metal clips no printing is possible!

Banner size: up to 18.5 x 6.8 cm.
Maximum barrel print area: 0.7 x 6 cm.
Maximum clip print areae: 0.3 x 3 cm.

1.12. Can I get additional banners?

Other banner print motifs are no problem and cost 60.00 € plus VAT for each additional motif (minimum order quantity 1.000 pcs per motif).

1.13. How do I create a print file?

In the order confirmation we ask you to prepare a print file. This should be sent to us in a printable PDF format. The quality should be at 300 dpi. In addition, it is important that all text to be converted to paths and you also need to set a 2 mm cut marks for the banners on each page.

Please always consider all the information according to the Product Safety Act. Since 01.12.2011 there is a new EU regulation. According to the new regulation, it is generally forbidden to bring products anonymously on the market. Therefore, each individual product must be provided with the contact details of the manufacturer or importer. For example, only specifying an Internet address on the product is no longer sufficient! Therefore, the full contact details of the advertising company must always be attached in the following form:
Samplecompany GmbH, Samplestr. 12, 12345 Samplecity.
This information (even if it’s small) can easily be made in the printing template for the banner printing without additional costs.
FIf this information is not provided on the print template, we are - like any other advertising material supplier - legally obliged to attach our own contact information on each individual pen.
AOn request, we can also take over the design of the print file for you. This will cost an additional 65.00 € / hour plus VAT for the time we need to invest.

1.14. Can I review the final print file?

Before the production starts, we will send you a sketch of the products with the banner design. This must first be approved by you for the production to begin.

1.15. Can I get proof patterns?

It is possible to get six proof patterns before production. This will cost an additional of 80.00 € and extend the delivery time by about 14 days (if released within 24 hours).
We will manufacture the proofing samples for you before production and send them to you. Only after your release, we will start with the entire production.
Any changes will be charged separately.

16.1. How is the Infopen packaged?

A single pen is packed in a polybag. There are 50 pens per box and 500 or 1.000 per package packed and shipped.

1 piece = 13g - dimensions = about 15x1x1 cm
50 pieces = 650g - box = about 15x10x9 cm
500 pieces = 6850g - box = about 30x30x20.5 cm
1000 pieces = 13700g - box = ca. 51x36x24 cm

1 piece = 14g - dimensions = 15x1x1 cm
50 pieces = 700g - box = ca. 15x10x9 cm
500 pieces = 6850g - box = ca. 30x30x20.5 cm
1000 pieces = 14700g - box = ca. 51x36x24 cm

Model MAX:
1 piece = 12g - dimensions = 13x1x1 cm
50 pieces = 600g - box = ca. 15x10x9 cm
500 pieces = 6850g - box = ca. 30x30x20.5 cm
1000 pieces = 14700g - box = ca. 51x36x24 cm


2. Frequently asked questions about cheat pens

2.1. Which models are available?


Mr. Answer COLOR: Standard model with writable blank banner.
Mr. Answer SECRET: In black, silver, sapphire or ruby color with squared layout design banner.
Mr. Answer SECRET TOUCH: 3-in-1 ballpoint pen with squared banner, touch pen and headphone jack protection.
Mr. Answer SCHOOL: Banner with design and blank writing surface, rubber grip for more comfortable writing.

2.2. Can I order Mr. Answer cheat pen in different colors?

Yes, that is possible. Simply enter the desired colors on the product page in the "Multicolor" box. We will check your request and will send you the respective model in different colors.

2.3. Can I also choose my own design?

Yes, having your own design is possible. Just ask us via our contact form or find out more about our advertisement pens.

2.4. What color is the ink?

We offer a TÜV-certified black ink.

2.5. Can the ink be replaced?

Yes, the ink can be easily replaced with a new one. It has a thickness of 1 mm.

2.6. How big is the banner?

The banner size measures up to 18.6 x 6.5 cm and can be used on both sides.

2.7. Can the banner be changed?

No. We would not recommend you changing the banner, as this could damage the pen.

2.8. Can the banner be used multiple times?

Both sides are rewritable. Use a water-soluble pen for the plastic coated front page and a pencil for the back page (normal paper).
In this way you can use the banner multiple times.

2.9. Is there a discount for larger quantities?

If you would like to receive larger quantities with a special discount, then simply send us an inquiry via the contact form.

2.10. How is Mr. Answer packaged?

The cheat pens are individually packed in a polybag and then sent in a shipping bag.


3. Frequently asked questions about the service & online shop

3.1. How long does the delivery take time?

Promotional pens: 20 calendar days from the print approval.
Cheat pens: 4-5 days.

3.2. How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping within Germany is always free of charge. For international shipping, please refer to our shipping page.

3.3. Is a pickup possible?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any pickup options.

3.4. What types of payment are there?

We offer the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer

For business customers, payment via invoice is available as well.

3.5. Can I get the shipping status?

You can get your order shipping status if you log in to your personal account. For guest orders it is not possible to retrieve the shipping status.

3.6. Which courier service is used?

The advertisement pens are sent with DPD.
The cheat pens are sent with Deutsche Post.

3.7. Will the goods only be shipped from Germany?

Yes, the package is shipped from Germany.

3.8. What is the customs tariff number of the banner pen?

The customs tariff number for shipping to non-EU countries is 96081092.